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Restoration & Maintenance - Car sales - Spare Parts
Restoration & Maintenance

"To restore" is from the Latin "Restaurare": To repair, renovate or revert something to its previous condition or value.

Spanish Language Dictionary. Royal Spanish Academy.

Restoration Process

Starting from the time when the client orders the restoration until the car is ultimately delivered. A restored car is the dream of every classic car enthusiast and as such, Cochera believes that the difficulties of the process are part of our work and to solve them is our goal. Before undertaking a restoration process the client should consider the following factors:

  • Restoring a vehicle involves a heavy financial investment to be assessed.
  • Due to the difficulties in the process, restoring a vehicle usually involves a longer timeframe than one might expect.
  • Restoring a car means to assess it, to disassemble it, to check it and to fully repair it.
  • Restoring a vehicle involves mutual trust between the professional and the client if success is to be guaranteed.
  • To restore a vehicle professionally means that the client need not worry about the process without compromising the result.

Several stages can be defined in the process:

  • Prior Car Assessment
  • Quote for the restoration
  • Getting Started
  • Organizing the restoration process
  • Final Assembly and Roda Testing
  • Vehicle delivery & restoration report

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