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Specialist in Mercedes Classic Cars since 1990
Restoration & Maintenance - Car sales - Spare Parts
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- Once received the order we will respond you via email or phone with a definitive budget.

  • The definitive budget is a commitment to respect you some conditions of prices in the pieces during its period of validity.
  • The validity of the budget comes reflected in the same one and it is the time that Cochera.com commits to respect the prices specified in the same one.
  • The budget doesn't commit you anything, you can guess right it total or partially or not to guess right it without communication necessity.
  • You can accept total or partially the budget when making the application of the order. You can modify the same one removing any of the products if they are not of your interest in that moment. With it, you can already confirm your order.
  • The confirmation of an order is carried out through electronic mail or by means of telephone, indicating the reference of the budget and the modifications if there were them.
  • The confirmation of the order should include the fiscal data of billing, as well as to indicate address of shipment of the merchandise if it is different to that of billing.
  • The order is processed once verified the payment of the same one on the part of the client and whenever this it is made in the period of validity of the budget.

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